Parent Radio: The Love

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A preview from Parent Radio. The instrument I’m strumming is a panduri, like a lute, from the Republic of Georgia. I was there in ‘03 studying traditional Georgian choral music ~ some of the most ancient three-part polyphony, and soul-stirringly beautiful. If you haven’t heard Georgian music, check out the band, Zedashe.

Way Past The Hour

Way Past The Hour is a patient song. I wrote it a decade ago, put down the bed-tracks in 2011 and then promptly had a baby. Returned to it this summer and recorded the vocals. And clarinet! The clarinetist is my dear friend and great NYC wind player, Richard Cohen, who has known me my whole life. Great fun getting to collaborate and a joy to hear his sounds in the mix. With Joe Fitzpatrick on drums, Dan Kleederman on guitar, and the phenomenal piano player, Bill Pernice.

All In

All In (rough mix 1 sans drums)

With Jared Quinn on lead guitar, Chris Paradis on rhythm guit, and special guest vocal appearance by the lovely Alexis Cook.

Drizzlin’ Rain

North Carolina native Lightnin’ Wells is the preeminent performer and historian of the Piedmont Blues, real deal master of the blues guitar, and melt-in-your-ears crooner. Download rare songs for free: follow him on FB buy his CDs, and go see him live in concert!

First Heart

First rough mix clip: First Heart clip2

Baby Got Going

Baby Got Going by the great Liz Phair. Original version from my 2010 album,

The Baby And The Bath Water.


Hibernate: for my fellow mamas fighting the good fight.

Josephine (clip)

Josephine (clip#1)


The melody of The Rookery is based on a lullaby from the ancient vocal tradition of Caucuses Georgia. I composed the English words for my newborn son while singing him to sleep. The heron rookery I describe in the song is a real place, within hiking distance of our land. Performed here with my homesteading neighbors, Meggie Stolzman & Patrick Wilkins, who I’ve been missing so much this summer, as they hike the Pacific Crest Trail…. Singing with you two in my heart, from the top of my mountain to the top of the next peak you meet…. that’s what’s up!

Check Engine Light (live)

Check Engine Light, live at McNeil’s Brewery in Brattleboro.

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