Trumpet : composed for a choral class I directed ~ super fun with a gigantic gathering of voices.

Ugly & Mean

…only ever could have been a country song…  Ugly & Mean (mix2)

Sleep With You (live)

Sleep With You

Live at Sweeties in 2011, with Joe Fitzpatrick, Donny Hayward, Brian Bender, and Jon Weeks.


With Lynn Mahoney, Kerry Young, Becky Lawrence, and Kirsten Schrull.

Lovegame ~ Band Of Love

Lovegame a la Band Of Love

Gaga with my wedding band buds.

Burning Up ~ Band Of Love

Burning Up

With Jay Cook and Band Of Love.

“Trading in an intriguing blend of soul, funk and American roots, balanced by a delicate pop sensibility, southern-Vermont-based songwriter Julia J. Slone is staking her claim to be among the state’s top young female stars. Her  [2010] album, The Baby And The Bathwater, was released to local critical praise , suggesting Slone is one to watch…”

– Seven Days VT

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